Who is a part of this group?

We are all residents of SE Bend. Anyone can join this group and participate. The 4 easiest things you can do to be involved are to: sign the online petition, connect on social media, subscribe to our newsletter and share this info with your neighbors.

Sign the online petition

How can I contribute my time?

The easiest way to get involved is to share the petition and the website with your neighbors. There are lots of other ways to pitch in, just reach out and we can talk about how to loop you in. This project is a great way to get to know your neighbors.

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How can I contribute financially?

Please consider chipping in to help cover our expenses via our GoFundMe page. We try to keep things lean and use this money to pay for banners, yard signs. legal expenses and more. Updates about how the money is spent will be posted on the GoFundMe page.

Chip in via GoFundMe

When is the next online meeting?

We announce our upcoming meetings via our Facebook and Nextdoor groups, on Instagram, Twitter and Change.Org. Another easy way to stay informed about upcoming meetings is to subscribe to our newsletter. We'll let you know about our next online meeting and we would love to see you there.

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Has the permit been granted already?

No the permit has not been granted, so now is the time to get involved in the process. GP Energy has filed their pre-application and held neighborhood meetings with the Southeast Bend and Old Farm District Neighborhood Associations. We are expecting the formal application to be filed at any time. Once the formal application is in City of Bend Planning will have up to 180 days to work with GP Energy to finalize the application, including the Conditional Use Permit application, which is required for the gas station and drive throughs.

What is the ideal outcome for this campaign?

We are working to ensure that the City of Bend Planning department has enough information about the negative impacts of the gas station and drive throughs to decline the permit. We are asking that the City of Bend not grant the conditional use permit required for these vehicle-oriented and vehicle-dependent uses in a Convenience Commercial (CC) zone.

Who purchased the property?

GP Energy shared that they have purchased the property on neighborhood association calls (October 2021). We encourage you to visit GP Energy's website as it gives you a real feel for what we can expect if the conditional use permit is approved. On their home page, you will see pictures of Circle-K, Krispy Krunchy Chicken and brand name gas stations such as Chevron, Shell and Texaco.

If you don't want a gas station, what do you want?

Neighbors have generated a long list of shopping and retail that they would like to see including a small grocery, a coffee shop and food trucks. People often suggest that something like the Brookswood Meadow Plaza (in SW Bend) would provide the kind of neighborhood retail and shopping that we would find helpful to SE Bend residents.

How can I get a banner/yard sign?

Please email us at NoGasStationBend@gmail.com and let us know you're interested. We are placing the banners on fences facing Murphy or Brosterhous and other high traffic areas. Yard signs are great next to mailboxes or in popular walking areas so people can snap the QR code and sign the petition.

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